Meet The Team


Geofferson & Co is a Nashville based development practice with a dedication to creating revolutionary residences. With a particular emphasis on Luxury Condos and Custom Estates, the firm has a strong commitment to high design residential development. As an example of the quality of past work, a recently completed project, a Belgian Country estate in Palmetto Bluff, SC will be featured in nationally distributed Flower Magazine in their 2022 March/April Print Issue. Geoffrey Sernyak is both the developer of Malvern and the Co-listing Sales Agent.


Avenue Construction was founded on the principle that there is a better way to build. We believe that every structure whether a ground up project or renovation has an optimal way that it can be built. Our goal is simple, to provide a well-constructed building that meets the customer’s budget while maintaining the quality of the structure so it endures the test of time. We believe that every client should enjoy a finished project with their expectations exceeded. You will find our philosophy is driven by our experience in providing projects on time and within budget.


While our portfolio is varied, we do not consider ourselves “generalists” in the sense that we will work on whatever hap- pens to stumble through the door. To the contrary, we are quite selective in the projects we take on, but find that it is less about the project-type selection than it is about client selection. We look to work with clients who seek quality, a sense of place, efficiency, and longevity—and who also appreciate the value of good design.


Domaine is an industry-leading real estate sales, marketing, and consulting team affiliated with Compass in Nashville, TN. Our deep and varied experience in all the elements that drive success in real estate gives us a unique edge in today’s competitive environment. Led by experienced entrepreneur Tristan Kinsley, the Domaine Residential team is a part of
the new breed of modern real estate professionals—deeply experienced business people with a passion for properties, powered by Compass and the best technology in the industry and driven by a culture of honesty, transparency, and excellence.